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Founded in 2008 Kiva Kiwis now has just under 1000 members and has made over 59,000 loans worth over $3,000,000. Here are just a few of them. More on our impact here.


Toaga, Samoa

Toaga is married to a farmer in the remote village of Saaga.

She has four children, three boys and one girl.

Her husband has no job and that was the main reason she applied to get a loan of NZ$720  to increase production on her 2-acre taro plantation,which is just 50 meters from her house.

Tatyana,Ukraine /

Tatyana has a small business selling clothing items and footwear from her little outdoor market kiosk in Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, Ukraine.

She is single and has had her business for about six years. She makes enough from it to support herself plus a little extra to help her two grown children. 

She loaned NZ$1500 to buy new stock to expand her business.

Tahir, Azerbaijan

Tahir is a 57 year old refugee from the Kalbadjar region in the Armenian-occupied territory of Azerbaijan, now settled in the Sabunchu region.  He is married and has four children. Three years ago he started his perfume business. He took out a loan of $1800 (NZD) to more stock to expand his business.

Seng C, Cambodia

Seng C., 28, lives with her husband, Nov Virak, and their four children in Dangkao. She works as a tailor and makes about NZ$7.50 each day, while her husband transports passengers in his tuk-tuk (a motorbike with an attached passenger cart).

She recieved a loan of NZ$1800 to purchase a new motorbike for her husband's business. His bike is frequently in need of repair and the family believes that it can save them money if thye purchase a new one.

Guis Guis Ndiasse Babou Group, Senegal

Ms. Khady (pictured)  is the president of the eleven women group called “Guis Ndiasse Babou” in the Wolof language; The name means “Having the Same Vision”. She is 45 years old, married, and the mother of six children, aged 7 to 23; they are all attending school. The loan is for this group to develop their livestock businesses. She has been working in this sector for over ten years.

The group applied for a loan of NZ$4200. With her portion of the loan she is going to purchase sheep, some fodder, and vaccines for treating the livestock. 

Thanks to the profits from her business, she manages to help cover the costs of medical care when a family member falls ill (particularly the children), food, and schooling.

Her primary dream is have a big herd of livestock to be able to pay for her children’s education. 

Yempoaka, Burkina Faso

Yempoaka is the mother of 5 children, 4 of whom attend school. She is a merchant and has been selling cereals in a shop located in a market on the periphery of the capital for over 12 years. 

Her load of NZ$2550 was to buy 50 100-kilo bags of maize, 10 bags of groundnuts, and 10 bags of pearl millet to increase her inventory and sales.

She plans to reinvest part of her profits in her business and to save the rest so that she can take care of her children.

Gpf Synergie Group, Senegal

This group composed of eight women was created in Octobrer 2016. They all live in the same neighborhood.  They work in various fields, in particular retail. Fatou, aged 65, is the leader of the group. She is sitting on the right side with her hand raised. She is married and the mother of three children. 
Fatou runs a business selling fabrics, buying her supplies in the capital city and reselling them from her home.

Her profits are used to support her children's needs, and she hopes on day to buy a plot of land.

With their NZ$7500 loan the group is able to buy more kinds of fabric.

Usman, Nigeria

Usman is a farmer and part of the Babban Gona Farmers Organisation.

With a loan of NZ$450 Usamn was able to buy better seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, and other inputs critical to increasing his yield. 

With this he is able to feed his family and to send his two children to a better school.